Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hike to Stewart Falls

It was a first for me.  Riding up the tram to the starting point of Stewart Falls hike.  I was scared to death that the kids were going to slip off the tram and fall 1000s of feet to their death.  Our friends, Jill and Tori joined us for the day's adventure.

Heading up.

The scary trams.

Made it to The Falls.  Nyah's knee got skinned up on the hike there from a "bear scare".   Nyah and I had stayed behind the rest of the group for a "pee break".  After she stood up, I heard a "GRRRR!"
 I yelled, "Nyah, run!  Don't stop.  Don't look behind you.  There's a bear!"  We were running so fast down the trail, that Nyah tripped over a tree root and fell.  I yelled again.  "Get up.  Keep running!"  It was the most terrifying moment of my life.  (Well.  One of them.)

Was I going to make it to the picture rock without slipping and falling?

Almost there.  I'm not the steadiest on my feet.  Nyah was tired of waiting for me.

Nyah decided to try the "fresh" mountain spring water.

She kept asking, "Am I going to get sick?  Will I catch a parasite?"

She went for it.  No parasites.

Almost done with the hike.

Nyah and Tori had on the same biker shorts.  What a coincidence!

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