Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Laughing Cow

While I was running today AGAINST the wind, barely shuffling out 14 minute/miles, I saw a cow staring at me. I swear he was laughing and thinking, "What does that imbecile think she's doing trying to run out here in the wind on only 2 legs? Smarten up girl and put those other 2 feet on the ground. You'd go a lot faster that way! Better yet . . . why don't you just stand still, chew some grass, and enjoy the breeze blowing by. Seriously . . .!"

As it turns out, I think this cow's thinking was correct. My kids have decided to retire me to pasture after this weekend's unfortunate events in Ogden. I tried to use the Ogden Marathon as a training run for Utah Valley next month, and ended up walking the 2nd half of the course due to body aches and bowel problems. I was so ill that I gave in and asked a volunteer for a ride down the mountain to the finish line. Unfortunately, the volunteer I asked didn't speak English and I was too tired to ask someone else, so I just kept on walking.

Jill and Jeff were so thoughtful and tried to pull me through the first 1/2 of the marathon with them, but after multiple potty stops and some tears on my part, they finally agreed to leave me to my hobbling.

This morning when Nyah saw these sad pictures from the marathon she said, "Mom, you'd better not do another one. I think you'll die next time." I think she and the laughing cow are right. It's time to hang up my shoes and be put out to pasture.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Josh's Unique B-Day

Little Bro. turned 26 this year. He and Tiffany drove down for Easter dinner, which was also his b-day dinner! He got the most unique gifts. I'm pretty sure Mom was cleaning out her closets, and decided to wrap her findings up for Josh to open. Here are some examples:

1. His old Driver's License!

2. A Sign for the Newlywed's Wall. (Pretty sure this was a regift!)

3. Josh's poem from dad that he was given once before at the ripe old age of 10!

4. Some chocolate gold coins (I have no idea what the meaning was for this gift. Hopefully these were freshly purchased and not found in the closet!)

5. An old shell casing from one of our relatives that fought in WWII. Josh was the most excited about this gift, not because of the historical significance, but because there was money wrapped around it! :)

As you can see, Josh's b-day was very unique this year. And to shake things up a bit more, DAD provided the cake for the B-Day boy! It was marble, Josh's favorite?!

Happy B-Day, Buddy!!

Saturday=Dance Competitions

We have thoroughly loved Saturdays during the month of May (note sarcasm). Instead of Saturdays being relaxing family fun days, they have been days filled with driving, sitting through hours of dance performances, and more driving. We have been to Provo High School, Lagoon, and Taylorsville. We love watching the kids dance, but WOW! Welcome to the world of dance!

Boys Can Be Creative Too!

Whenever I tell the kids to turn off the TV, computer, video games and do something creative, I get lots of moans and groans. Well, due to all the spring Utah rainstorms, the kids have been cooped up a lot and were sick of reading, coloring, playdough, etc . . . Thus, the boys decided to don homemade rain parkas (garbage bags) and go out back for a friendly game of soccer. So cute!

Easter Recap

Easter was late this year: April 24th. Somehow, after the Spring Break trip to California and then rushing off to Boston, the Easter Bunny was so tuckered out that he barely got the baskets delivered. In fact, there was no candy this year. Instead, the Easter Bunny went to the bank and put money in eggs and hid them around the yard. The kids were not disappointed!

Grandma Sue sent a sugar cookie decorating kit to the kids for Easter. Even the adults had a blast decorating cookies!

We also did the required coloring of the hardboiled eggs. Not picture worthy. For some reason, my least favorite Easter tradition. Probably because the eggs just get thrown away. No one will eat them after they are colored since they look moldy when peeled. Seriously, who thought of that idea!

Nyah's 5th Grade Graduation

The night before Nyah's 5th grade presentation, we rolled up her hair so it would be curly the next morning.

I'm not allowed to show a picture of what her hair looked like the next morning. Suffice it to say, it was the biggest Afro I've ever seen. Thus, another shower, and she went to school with straight hair!

Here's Nyah with her teacher, Mr. Teuscher. He is an AMAZING TEACHER!!

Nyah with good school buddies!

Happy Mother's Day 2011

Omelets. Mother's Day cards. A new car stereo. I love being a mom!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Before Church Entertainment

We got to rock out with Elton John this morning before church. You never know what you are going to get at the Heber House!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My 12 Boston Titles

Geoffrey Mutai from KENYA earned himself the title of "Fastest Marathon Ever Run" in 2:03:02 in this year's Boston Marathon.

I did not earn this title, but there were some other choice words used to describe me:

1. Amazing Subway Rider - I was really good at getting on and off, and at making uncomfortable comments to those beside me.

2. Starbuck's Best Hot Chocolate Customer - I don't think anyone else orders hot chocolate from Starbucks! P.S. I was sad because Aaron stayed in bed and I had to travel around Boston with only my hot cocoa to keep me company!

3. 5 Hour Energy's Biggest Fan - I tried to chase down the 5 HR. Energy car for a free sample, but he wouldn't stop! I have no idea why!

4. Only Silly Yak to Sign the Boston White Board!

5. First and Only Adult to Ever Beg Balloon Girl for a Free Balloon. (She had to cut one off with her teeth!)

6. Only Person to Ever Get Excited about Fenway Park Serving Gluten-Free Snacks!

7. First Person to Leave Red Sox Game Because of the Cold!

8. First Person to Eat at Legal Seafood 2 Nights in a row because of their AWESOME Gluten-free Menu!

9. 1st Idiot to Order a Surprise B-Day Dessert for a Friend and then have the Dessert Put on the B-Day Boy's Tab! (how embarrassing was that! He had to pay for his own b-day cake. And it wasn't a cheap slice of cake either. I wanted to strangle the WAITER for that mistake!)

10. Formerly Known as one of Charlie's Angels, I was Redubbed "Charlie's Angel with Messed Up Bowels and Bum Legs."

11. First Marathon Runner to give Photographer a "Thumbs Up" for a Photo at Mile 22 and then Cry for the Last 4.2 Miles of the Race.

12. Earned my PS during the 2011 Boston Marathon. "Personal Slowest." Though my time didn't show it, it took a lot of strength for me to stand in line at 3 porta potties and to hold myself back from laying down in the medical tents to receive an IV. But most of all, I am proud of the fact that I didn't give anyone the middle finger for yelling out, "Oh, look. There's another angel. That poor thing lost Charlie and her other angels."

The bad news: This Angel didn't fly through the Boston Marathon.
The good news: This Angel was not arrested for Public Pooing during the Boston Marathon.
The bad news: This Angel finished the Boston Marathon after all of the other people from Utah County, including the 92 year-old man from Springville.
The good news: This angel did not finish the Boston Marathon dead last. Just almost.
The bad news: This marathon was not good for my self-esteem.
The good news: This marathon was good for everyone else's self-esteem.
The bad news: I am never going back to Boston to run in the marathon.
The good news: I am never going back to Boston to run in the marathon!!

Happy Running, Everyone!