Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saddest Part of Thanksgiving

I found out too late that my running buddies in Taft, California, had some "special accomodations" for me along our running route planned for Thanksgiving weekend. I cannot believe I missed out on this! I ended up wimping out and staying in Utah over the holidays due to a blizzard-like weather forecast, and let's face it . . . I just hate driving long distances alone. However, if I would've known about that sparkling white seat and pile of hay earlier . . . My dream run!! I may have braved the blizzard to get there for that.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving To Me!

What is your ultimate Thanksgiving like?

A. cooking all day
B. eating up all that home-cooked food that took 10 hours to cook in 15 minutes flat
C. cleaning up the disaster of a kitchen from the above-mentioned cooking project
D. utter exhaustion by 3 p.m.
E. none of the above

I chose "E" this year! The kids and I met my mom, dad, and my mom's friend, Greg, at Mimi's Cafe for an afternoon of pure bliss. The employees took our order, delivered our food with a smile, checked on us while we SLOWLY enjoyed our food, brought us the dessert of our choice (so I didn't feel sick after tasting 6 different desserts like most years), and gave us throw-away boxes for our leftovers. I didn't spend the entire morning cooking, so I had plenty of energy to laugh and joke around with the family during the entire meal! Normally I feel a tad bit grouchy and frantic by mealtime. It was honestly the most relaxing DAY I've had in a long time.

A couple of funny comments were made throughout the meal that I don't want to forget:
Carson talking to Nyah and pointing to the side of broccoli on her plate: "Nyah, don't eat that. It's just a decoration!"

Nyah to Carson concerning his spring leaf mix lettuce salad: "Carson, just close your eyes while you eat it. I promise it will taste good!"

Ian to me while he was eating his "starter" dish, chicken gumbo soup: "Mom, this is delicious. You NEVER would've made this for Thanksgiving dinner!"

Ian to me after our leftovers were boxed up and sitting in between us: "Mom. Who farted?" The food tasted great while we were eating it, but smelled horrible in the take-out boxes! It took me a minute to figure out that the smell was definitely coming from the boxed up food, and not from Ian's person!
Dad to me after the meal: "Vanessa, this was seriously the best Thanksgiving ever!"

After our meal, we went home and decorated the house for Christmas (already moving onto the next holiday) and then headed to see the movie, "Tangled." I had purchased the tickets the day before to make sure we got in. There was a LONG line outside the theater since it was opening day. When the guardwoman at the door took my tickets, she counted the tickets twice, and then counted us. It turns out the ticket salesman had only charged me for 4 tickets instead of the 5 we needed -- and now, the movie was sold out. The guardwoman OBVIOUSLY thought I was a liar, but sent me ACCOMPANIED BY A MANAGER to the ticket booth so I could buy an extra ticket and get into the NOW SOLD OUT show. It was a teensy bit awkward.

The movie was FABULOUS! Fun for all ages. I definitely recommend seeing the show, and eating a large popcorn while you watch it. An end to a great Thanksgiving day and I didn't even lift a measuring spoon!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Strange Boy in the Kitchen

I was looking through the old videos on my camera, when I stumbled upon this strange scene that Carson videotaped in the kitchen one day this summer. I guess Ian must've been bored and decided to try on the life jacket that he wore when he was 2 years old. Keep in mind . . . he is now 12!

If You Think You've Had a Bad Morning . . .

Oh, how I wish this toilet would've been on Canyon Rd. today at around 8:15 a.m. I won't get into the nitty, gritty details about the horrific thing that occurred to me this morning. Suffice it to say, that I have never been more embarrassed in my ENTIRE life. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a new product I plan to put on the market ASAP. "Runner's Runs Diaper Inserts" will soon be sold near the Depends at your local WalMart and Walgreens.

4 in 1!

We recently got a membership card to Sam's Club. My kids love to go there for the free samples. I like to count it as "lunch". Unfortunately there were no samples today and we were all starving. Not a great time to be shopping for bulk food items.

While walking down one of the freezer aisles, Carson spotted his favorite breakfast treat . . . Toaster Strudels. There were 4 packages of the strudels all bundled together. "Mom, can we please get the Toaster Strudels? Please!" How can you say, "No!" when there are no free samples in sight to bribe them with?

"Okay, Carson. You can get the Toaster Strudels. This time."

Carson climbed into the cart with his precious cargo. "Seriously, Mom. THIS is the best day of my life." I saw him carressing the box, and heard him whisper. "It's like a miracle. 4 in 1."

This child sure knows how to work the system!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Snow Canyon 1/2 Marathon

My last race of the year is now completed. I feel very happy indeed.

Luckily I have no nightmare stories to tell. No runner's runs. No period beginning at the starting line. Lots of downhill. BEAUTIFUL scenery. Great time was had by all. But, boy . . . my legs were tired.

Before the race, Jeff a.k.a. Charlie, did some interviews for a new "angel" to run the race with him. (Charlie's 3rd angel moved to Texas). After a considerable amount of time spent searching, Jeff found his angel. His name is Clark. We just need to put a wig on him. The only problem with Clark is that he is faster than me. And . . . he likes to rub his "fastness" in my face. Other than that, he is very well qualified for "angel" status.

Great memories from the race:
Marisa won a cool medal!

We got caught with our pants down after the race! We actually got cold after the run and put pants on, but figured we wouldn't look like "runners" in the pictures if we were all sweat suited up. Thus, the pants around our ankles. The photographer was SUPPOSED to take the pictures waist up so you wouldn't be able to see the sweats around the ankles. Who was that photographer anyway?

Four of my good friends from the neighborhood ran the Snow Canyon 1/2. They did AWESOME!!

The Honeymoon Cafe

On Sunday afternoon, Aaron and I always feel like taking a nap. The kids do not feel the same. We try to get them to do a quiet activity so we can rest, but I usually end up hearing the pitter patter of little feet and get up to see what's going on.

The kids were quite excited about the project they produced 2 Sundays ago. Carson and Nyah said, "Don't look outside. We're making a surprise!" Lo and behold, when I was finally invited into the backyard, the playhouse had been transformed into a "Honeymoon Cafe." Unfortunately, I honeymooned alone, as Aaron could not be woken up to attend! The kids were semi-disappointed about their lone customer, but I ate enough cheese and crackers for at least 2 people. (Notice the winter hat and coat I am wearing. The cafe was a bit on the chilly side!)

After being served my meal, the kids insisted that I turn into the waitress and serve them. I think that is probably what they had in mind the entire time!