Monday, September 17, 2012

Road Trip/Day 4 - July 24th - Destination=Keokuk, IA

When we first spotted the Mississippi River, the children got out of the car for a photo.  One second later, Ian said, "Can we get back in the car.  It's too hot and humid."  I knew at that moment we were going to be in for a VERY long week.

We got back into the car, and then, after days and days of travel, we FINALLY arrived at our beautiful abode . . . "The Mansion."  My mom and I searched for a residence that would house all 4 female siblings, their children, plus mom and dad.  Each family needed a bedroom.  It was a tough order to fill.  "The Mansion" was the answer.  When we pulled up to the front curb, we were impressed.  Beautiful home.  Beautiful yard.  Beautiful bridge that led to the back door.  Beautiful Koi Pond in the backyard (although we never spotted a koi).  It seemed perfect.

We walked inside the home.  There were squeals of delight as all the young cousins ran from room to room.  Old fashioned decorations covered the walls.  There was a parlor with old candlesticks, a gigantic dining room, a library, a dancing hall, stairs that led to 5 bedrooms upstairs (all with window air conditioning units), swords hanging in the bedrooms.  What?!  Did she say swords?  Yes, indeed.  Swords for the children to play with.  There was even a claw foot tub to bathe in, though my bum never touched that porcelain.  Who knows what ancient relics had set foot in there!

The girl cousins invited the boy cousins to a ball in the parlor that evening.  The boy cousins decided to attend but were a little bit too cool for the dancing event.  

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