Saturday, July 31, 2010

That's Gotta Hurt!

Our family can't go anywhere without causing a scene. Carson got 2 golf clubs for his b-day, so Aaron headed out to the driving range with both the boys for some practice.

There was a tournament going on, so the driving range was packed with guys -- huge crowd. Ian and Carson somehow found some spots beside each other and started practicing their swing.

After a few minutes of practice, Carson was super warmed up. He swung his club back and, "Whack!" The next thing you know, Ian was doubled over screaming, "Carson. You hit me right in the wiener! Oh . . . my nuts!" A large crowd of men got quite a chuckle out of Ian's predicament. Hopefully there wasn't any permanent damage done. You never know . . . Ian's wedding night might roll around and he may have some explaining to do.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Baby Girl Got a Makeover!

Nyah just had her 10th B-Day. To celebrate, she took a couple of friends and cousins to get a makeover. They loved getting pampered, but were less than enthusiastic about wearing the crowns they passed out!

After the makeovers, we headed to The Mayan for an overpriced meal. I guess they have to bump the price up to pay the men to wear loin cloths and jump off a cliff. Great entertainment!

The girls were mesmerized by the cliff jumpers.

The girls had a rockin' time, but drank a little too much "Snakebite Juice." I think Nyah is definitely happy to be 10!

Backyard Makeover

Our backyard has always been a source of frustration for Aaron and I. Our many tries at different garden spots never produced veggies, our apricot and plum trees just caused a mess, and NO ONE ever wanted to mow or weed the grass.

We finally decided this was the year for a makeover. Here are the results:

We put the tramp in the ground, so no one else would be hung by the netting (sorry, Nick!)
Our fabulous neighbor built The Tower of Babel for us. The kids are LOVING their playplace. Aaron is in the process of getting the tire swing hung underneath. Use your imagination.

We finally got a patio under the patio cover. We only have 2 chairs (no money left for furniture) so we take turns rocking.

We put a firepit in so we can have wienie roasts. We are now saving up money for the hotdogs!

We also have a new guest that has been visiting us this month. His name is "Doggy." He looks innocent enough, doesn't he?!

Here is our dog, Biscuit. She WAS a sixty year old virgin BEFORE "Doggy" came to visit.

"Doggy" and Biscuit are now enjoying our new backyard on an hourly basis. We no longer go outside, and prefer to keep the blinds closed whenever possible.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sports Bra Shopping Advice

I read an article this morning in a running magazine about how to go about buying a sports bra. Here are direct quotes from the article, and the thoughts I had while reading it:

Article: "Try on a sports bra as you would running shoes."

Vanessa: Are you kidding me?! Why would I put a bra on my feet?

Article: "Most specialty running stores have a treadmill or track set up for trying out their running shoes." (this was implying that you could try out your shoes and your bra on the treadmill at the store!)

Vanessa: Where do I find a running store like that? Not in Utah County! And besides, even if the store did have a treadmill for trying on shoes, wouldn't the salesperson think it was extremely odd if I asked to try on a sports bra and then hopped on the treadmill to check out my bounce?

Article: "If the store doesn't have a track or treadmill, run in place in the dressing room." (again, to check out your bounce!)

Vanessa: Wouldn't people wonder why there was heavy breathing coming from my dressing room?

Article: "Move in ways that give your breasts every opportunity to move up and down, in and out, and in a figure eight, which is similar to the movement they actually make while you run."

Vanessa: No matter how many opportunities I give my breasts to move . . . they don't. I thought a figure eight was for ice skating!

Article: "For high-impact sports such as running, a bra featuring both compression and encapsulation is ideal. Compression bras minimize movement by pressing flat against your chest. Encapsulating sports bras, add shape and structure and keep each breast separated."

Vanessa: I'm sorry, but I just don't understand any of this. I certainly don't need COMPRESSION and no sports bra I've ever found has added any shape or structure to my body!

Article: "You should own several sports bras and should never wear the same one two days in a row."

Vanessa: Really?! You mean I can't just keep rewearing the same one everyday for 3 YEARS in a row? (No wonder I've had an odor problem.)

Article: "Finding the right sports bra is a time-consuming process, but if you start your search equipped with this article's advice, you'll be well on your way to bra nirvana. Not only will you feel more comfortable during your workouts, but you'll look fabulous, too."

Vanessa's Thoughts: Please!! This is my advice for finding a sports bra. Walk into your local WalMart and buy the first sports bra you see. Nobody sees it. All a sports bra has ever done for me is squash whatever I've got on top completely flat. Besides, I think the furthest thing from anyone's mind that passes me on a run is . . . "Ooh, look at that girl in her well-fitting sports bra. Doesn't her Size AA chest look absolutely fabulous today. And check out that Figure 8 she's doing up there on top. She is so talented!"