Thursday, September 27, 2012

Laughter, Zumba, and Tooties!

     The girls came home from piano lessons laughing like crazy.  While Cali was in the piano room, Nyah sat in the hallway reading a book.  She claims a man stumbled up the stairs wearing sweats and a sweatshirt.  He looked at her and asked, "Where's the Zumba class?!"  For some reason, this gave Nyah the giggles.  I don't know if it was his outfit, or the fact that he was looking for Zumba.  Whatever the reason it made my heart happy to see the girls laughing together about the silly man!

     Another Nyah story.  I was helping her do this math problem last night:  2(t+3)=
     "Okay, Nyah.  What's the first step?"
     "I multiply 2 times t."
     "That's right!  And what do you get?" I asked.
     "Tootie!" chuckle.  chuckle. chuckle.  "Tootie!"  chuckle.  chuckle.  chuckle. 
     I swear this went on for 5 minutes.  Why do our kids think that the word toot is so hilarious? :)  I think it comes from their father's side of the family!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dinner Conversation

I get the biggest kick out of dinner conversations.  This is one that took place last night.  We were eating breakfast burritos and asking the kids about their teachers in school this year.  We went around the table.  When it was Carson's turn, this is how the conversation went:

Me:  So, Carson.  How do you like Mrs. Greene?
Carson:  She's a great teacher.  I'm lucky to have her.  She's going to retire soon.
Ian:  No, she's not, Carson.  She's really young.
Carson:  Dude . . . she's been around since the 1980s!
Aaron:  Carson, I was born in 1970.
Carson:  Oh . . .

Goodbye Little Brother

My little brother, Joshie, is moving to Great Falls, Montana, with his wife, Tiffany, and daughter, Elliana.  We are going to miss them so much.  We met up at Malowi's to celebrate Elli's 1st birthday and to give hugs goodbye.  We love you!

Sweet Seventeen

Seventeen parties for our seventeen-year-old!  We celebrated quite a few times with candles:  first, in muffins, then in strawberry shortcake, and finally in donut holes!  Cali has wanted a bike for years.  She finally got her wish:  a Cruiser!  We went out on a spin together after school.  The basket and cup holder are going to come in handy when she goes off to college.  I think we'll leave the balloons attached to the handlebars forever.  Maybe it will keep the boys away. :)

Spanish Fork 1/2 Marathon

Caleb and I ran the Spanish Fork 1/2 together . . . at least mostly together.  He beat me in the end.  It was a tough run.  Lots of flat, lots of uphill . . . and what seemed like very little downhill.  We were breathing heavy from the very beginning.  I finally caught my breath long enough to yell a few obscenities at Mile 7.  At Mile 11, Caleb was still feeling strong and I was gasping for air.  I sputtered, "Go . . . catch . . . that . . . girl!"  So, he did.  I also yelled, "Go, Clydesdale!" because he had entered the Clydesdale division.  I tried to whinny like a horse, but the sound didn't come out.

Caleb ended up coming in 1st place in the Clydesdale division and 10th overall.  I ended up 3rd out of the women and 13th overall.  It was really cool to win a medal.  It would've been even cooler to win cash. :)

Next to Last Alimony Payment

Dad has been paying Mom alimony each month for the last five years.  Mom has really enjoyed the extra cash.  Dad looks pained each time he hands the cash over.  I thought it would be fun to document the last two alimony payments.  Check out the different looks on Mom and Dad's faces.

Roller Derby

I've decided to join a roller derby team.

That was a joke. :)  Our family went on a little "date" to the Roller Derby in the old Food 4 Less building in Spanish Fork.  I thought it would be SO cool to take the kids to see this unique sport.  Unfortunately, it was VERY boring.  No blood and very little pushing.  Ian really enjoyed the costumes though.

"Better Than Nothing"

Ian's Rock Band, "Better Than Nothing," played 5 songs at their concert.  Ian had a chance to sing, play the guitar, and the bass.  Ian also did a small Brian Regan comedy skit.  He was very entertaining.

We Were Wicked!

It was Wednesday evening.  We had just finished Day #2 of school.  Instead of doing homework and going to bed at a decent hour, we headed off to Salt Lake City for dinner at The Pie and and a performance of Wicked.  The food was FANTASTIC and the entertainment BREATHTAKING.  It was totally worth the exhaustion I felt when I crawled out of bed Thursday morning.  Memories were made.

First Day of School

Cali is a Senior in high school!  Nyah is in Junior High.  The insanity of it all!

 Everyone was pleased as punch to go off to school and escape the dreaded "Summer Chore Charts"!  It's funny when school is actually a vacation!

Nyah's First Day at Diamond Fork Jr. High

The seventh graders get to start school a whole day before everyone else.  It helps them get their feet wet.  It gives them a day of peace before getting shoved into lockers by the older kids.  Nyah's first day of junior high was a huge success.  She opened her locker, she made it to her classes . . . She came home happy as can be.

Mommy Day Out

Nyah, Carson and I ended up home alone one Saturday afternoon.  We decided to head out to the Riverwoods for some pizza at Malowi's.  I ate an entire gluten-free pizza.  All 8 pieces.  I didn't feel guilty at all!
Next, we headed to Bath&Body.  We spend 2 hours trying on each and every scent of lotion.  I came away with a bit of a headache, but Nyah was in heaven.  Surprisingly, Carson didn't complain once.  Bath&Body was selling lip gloss holders shaped like vampires, so I guess that was "boyish" enough to entertain him.
Last, but not least, we headed to the toy store where Carson spent $108 (he'd been saving all year) on an EZY Roller.  Seems a bit extravagant to me, but, hey . . . who am I to argue with a nine-year-old.  He felt like it was a really SMART purchase.

Sad Goodbye

Davin came over to say goodbye to the family on his way to Utah State in Logan, Utah.  College is such a great adventure, but it leaves those that are left behind a little teary.

Ian Turns 14

It is absolutely crazy that my little boy is now taking weightlifting classes, playing in a rock band, and reading more books per week than I have in my entire life.  He does the normal 14-year-old things:  passing gas at inappropriate times, heckling his sisters, dreaming about girls . . .  However, I have never met  anyone (14 years old and up) that thinks more deeply and seriously about the world.  I worry that he will have grey hair before he's sixteen.  Ian is a wonderful boy!

P.S.  Grandma Joannie got him a pink bow tie for his birthday.  He wears it weekly to church now.  He loves the attention!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

End of Summer Fun

As the summer wrapped up, we tried to do some memory making:  family croquet games, henna tattoos, fire pit barbecues, camping out in the backyard, and decorating lockers at the Junior High. . .  The kids NEVER last long in a tent.  Ian and Carson both went inside before the sun came up.  I'm proud to say, the girls stuck it out to the bitter end. 

                            It only took 12 times for Nyah to get her locker open by herself!