Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best Kids in the Universe Award Goes to . . .

So I turned 35 this year. I tried to feel depressed, but my kids just wouldn't allow it. I got home from the gym to the smell of homemade blueberry muffins, and a house full of crepe paper and birthday signs. I also got gift certificates for free babysitting and a free bathroom cleaning. I was in heaven!!

My mom and dad also made my big day even bigger! Mom made me chocolate chip cookies instead of a birthday cake (chocolate chip cookies are my favorite treat in the whole wide world), she also bought me a fabulous lamp and a mini set of dresser drawers filled with gift certificates, and dad bought me something I've dreamed about for 10 years: Ugg boots!! Wow!! What fabulous parents!! Dad also told me not to expect another gift from him for the next 10 years.

Santa Highlights

Cali got the boys unique chopsticks!

Ian (the good big brother that he is) bought Nyah tattoos for Christmas!

Don't you hate it when someone buys a gift for you that you know is something they really bought for themselves? Well, I bought Aaron a new endtable this year! Guess who loves it?!

Grandpa had the right idea; give Ian a chemistry set, and then get the heck out of town!!

Nyah has spent many hours in front of her full length mirror, decked out in her new rocker gear!

Guess who did Ian's shopping this year? Hint: Who is the resident nerd?!

Remember my dilemma: Carson wanted an $80 Lego set for Christmas and I wasn't about to spend that much on 1 gift? This was the $30 choice that he ended up with instead! He still seemed pretty excited about it, although he did mention later that Santa must've gotten confused!

Nyah got a new fuzzy robe and cow that's she's wanted for a year, and I am modeling my new blue sweater from Caleb.

Ian got his dream Christmas gift -- a pocket bike! This was his reaction when he found it(remember all of this is in a very monotone voice): "Wow. This will be a fun present to have in the summer." That was it!! 100% Ian!! He was actually happier about his soft blanket!

Uncle Caleb also got a new blankie for Christmas! Love this look, C.P.!

I was so happy to have my sister here for Christmas!!

Cali got a spa day for Christmas: a facial, a haircut and style, glitter toes, and lunch! I was jealous!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

And the Favorite Uncle of the Year Award goes to . . .

Uncle Bryan, spent some bonding time with the kids, chiseling an igloo out of the mounds of snow in our front yard. He had no idea what this meant . . . friends for life!

Uncle Caleb led us in a special reading of the story of the Nativity on Christmas Eve. It was the most dramatic rendition yet!! While he read, we all acted out the story with our hand puppets. Though the Christmas Story has been somewhat reverent in past years, Caleb managed to eek more laughter from my kids than I ever thought possible.

Uncle Ryan brought the kids' favorite toy this year, all the way from California. It was . . . Cousin Brock!!

And last, but not least, Uncle Josh really worked hard to win favorite uncle status, by buying the kids Rock Band for Christmas, to go along with my Rock Star Secret Pal gift. The gift went over stupendously until I heard Carson screaming out a rock song with curse words in it. Josh, it was a close race this year, but I think you are going to be disqualified because of the "R" rated songs the kids have been singing!!

And the winner is . . . Are you kidding me?! How could anyone ever choose?! You guys are awesome!!

Favorite Quotes of the Season

I overheard this conversation while Nyah and Carson were playing together over the holidays:
"Nyah, you're my best friend."
"Carson, you're my best friend too!"
(Talk about holding back tears!)

I caught Ian staring at me really funny on the morning of my birthday. He said,"Mom, I'm not trying to be mean, but one of your eyebrows is way skinnier than the other one and they look kind of crooked."
"Thanks for letting me know, Ian." (Now, of course, I already knew this, but how do you fix eyebrows like this, except by waxing them completely off?!)
(Talk about holding back tears!)

My Favorite Christmas Tradition

Our family draws names from a hat (or an old Tupperware dish) each November to see who we get to make a homemade gift for that Christmas. Some people enjoy the tradition more than others. See if you can guess who tried to pass off a purchased gift this year as "homemade"!!

Ian made Carson a "Car" bank.

Carson made Nyah a mug because she is a Hot Chocolate Lover!

Cali made Ian a bowl to store his large collection of bouncy balls. Thanks, Cali!!

Cali had this empty frame in her bedroom forever. Aaron surprised her and filled it with cute pictures of Cali and Nyah!

Nyah made me a blankie with Grandma Joannie's help!

I made Aaron a book (on Snapfish) about his Super Hero status.

Caleb painted Josh a mallard duck for Josh's brand new duck collection!

Mom made Caleb a homemade shoe shine kit!

Josh compiled a book of letters to me from my parents and siblings about why I am a Rock Star. I read them out loud to everyone, bawled, and got a splitting headache. It was the best present ever!!
**Some gifts are not pictured because they were in the mail, still being made, or still in the brainstorming process!!

Quick Trip to Idaho

We decided to drive to Idaho for Grandma LaRue's 80th Birthday Party on Dec. 21st. I only hope I look 1/2 this good when I'm 80!! We love you, Grandma!!

Nyah's Fantabulous "Love Shack"

Nyah made a gingerbread house at school (with my supervision) and decided to entitle her house, "The Love Shack", much to her teacher's chagrin! (By the way, Nyah wasn't alive during "the love shack" era. I wonder who told her to name it that?!)

"Hi, My Name is Vanessa . . . and I am an Addict!"

Hello, Everybody!

My last post was mid-December. Thanks for all of your wonderful e-mails and phone calls checking to see why I was NLB (No Longer Blogging). Well, the truth is . . . I had become a Blogaholic! I decided to focus on my fam for the holiday season, and then made a secret New Year's Resolution to not blog until . . . Well, I didn't make it. So here I am again. Ready or not!!