Monday, February 28, 2011

Silly Yak?!

Got a phone call a week ago that said I am healthy as can be.

Got a phone call today that said I may be a Silly Yak!

What the _ _ _ _?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Science Fair 2011

Ian and Nyah decided to build a hovercraft this year for the Science Fair. They wanted to see how much weight a homemade hovercraft can hold. Basically, they just wanted a new toy! They won at the school level and got to go on to the Nebo School District Fair. I held my breath as the announcer read the 80 names that got to go on to the BYU level. Ian and Nyah's names were read close to the very end. Nyah said, "Mom, we won because Ian and I worked together. We always do better as a team!" Thank goodness. If they hadn't gotten to go on to the next level, I can just imagine the conversation: "Mom, I hate working with my brother. I totally would've won if I would've done it by myself. He just holds me back!" Thank goodness for small miracles. The Science Fair brought them together instead of ripping them apart!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cross Country Skiing

To be a cross country skier, you have to . . .
A) be coordinated
B) have a cute outfit
C) know how to fall correctly
D) have the skills to get by other fallen skiers without running them over

Grandma Joannie, Carson, Nyah, and I have none of the above skills. But, boy . . . did we have fun! (I don't think the people we ran over were glad we showed up though!)
Nyah looking strong on her skis!

Carson swishing across the snow!

Kids after a fall. No tears yet!

Mom standing up immediately after getting her skis on.

Mom after her 1st fall.

Mom after her 10th fall!

Mom took a picture of me trying to look like a skier. Side info: Mom was lying on the ground, unable to get up, while taking this photo.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Me . . . a Hypochondriac?

Definition of Hypochondriac? To be a hypochondriac is to be someone who is constantly thinking they are ill when they aren't.

There is a certain someone in my family who believes I fall under this definition. I'm not going to name any names . . . caleb . . .
I'm not sure what could possibly make him think I may be a hypochondriac. Just because I have felt ill since last April, with one symptom or another, couldn't possible mean I'm a hypochondriac . . . or does it?

Let's see if anyone can diagnose these symptoms: (I've paid lots of doctors to try and they have failed, so if you end up getting it right, I'll give you $20 -- that's what my copay is! :)

1) My stomach hurts every time I eat.
2) I have diarrhea repeatedly while I am running.
3) I cough heavily when I run.
4) I am exhausted climbing a small flight of stairs.
5) I have heart palpitations.
6) I have freezing cold feet and hands.
7) I feel dizzy quite often.
8) I crave potato chips all the time.
9) I crave ice all the time.
10) I run 2-3 minutes/mile slower now, and cannot make my legs go faster!
11) I need a tan!

Please contact me ASAP if you have any ideas about giving a name to these issues! Remember . . . if you can give me a proper diagnosis . . . you get $20!

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Valentine's Day: What Do You Love the Most?

What do I love the most? These 4 SuperdeDuper Children that I Pushed out of my Womb, of course . . .

I asked the kids the same question. These were their answers:
Cali: "Shopping." (Carson looked at her and said, "What about your family?!)
Ian: "Harrison Ford. Without him we'd be driving a tractor." (What?! Upon further investigation, I found out he was talking about the Ford who "invented" cars.)
Nyah: "My family!" (good answer!)
Carson: "My big family. You know. The VanVoorhis/Heber families. The big giant one." (In other words: the extended family).