Thursday, September 13, 2012

Road Trip/Day One - July 21st - Destination = Laramie, WY

Ian got home from a weeklong Scout Camp on Saturday around 2 pm.  We sprayed him down, loaded the car, and headed off to Nauvoo.  Well, at least we headed towards Little America, Wyoming, where we spent far too much time browsing gift shops and hanging out on the buffalo statue.

Next stop:  Rawlings, Wyoming.  Nyah was "Queen of the Day" so she got to choose the restaurant for dinner.  The choices in Rawlings were:  1) a nasty Chinese buffet and 2) an even nastier KFC/Taco Bell.  She chose the latter.  No one enjoyed their meal.  Everyone stayed in the restroom far too long.  The rainbow we saw when we pulled into town was the best part of the town by far.

We finally arrived at the hotel in Laramie, Wyoming late that night.  No time to swim.  Time to sleep.

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Dainon said...

I think I read somewhere about a pair of missionaries that were arrested for posing for pictures on Budda's hands in India or something like that..

Wyomingans are probably just as protective of their idols. They may have arrested you for climbing around on their golden image! I think they still have hangings up there! And least you didn't get shot by the wild indians. :0