Friday, July 13, 2012

Nyah is Twelve!

Nyah is growing up!  She is now taller than her older brother, Ian, and is heading off to Junior High in the fall.  Things are a changin' around these parts!

Nyah decided to have a "friend" party this year.  We rented "Miss Debby's Pool", bought lots of snacks, and headed off to swim the night away.

Nyah got $40 from Grandma Sue and Grandpa David.  Look at that smile!

The morning started out with French Puffs.

I wonder what she wished for?!

Setting up for the party!
Carson enjoyed the sun at Nyah's party.  He and Ian both refused to get into the pool without goggles.  They claim to be blinded by chlorine without them.

Nyah insisted on a flotation device to lounge around in the pool with.  What the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets . . . as long as it is $2 or less!!  (This floatie went into the trash right after the party ended!)

Ian had a great time showing off in front of 9 girls!

The slide was the favorite part!

Acting sassy on the diving board. . .

Ready or not, WORLD!  Here comes Nyah!


Kristin said...

Nyah, I can't believe you are so old! Your party looks super fun. Cute swimsuit!

Kristin said...

P.S. You made me hungry for french puffs. Yum!