Sunday, March 31, 2013

Slim Easter?

The Easter Bunny tried to trick the kids this year into thinking they were only getting empty eggs for their baskets.  The empty eggs had letters on them that the kids had to unscramble to spell the word, Pathfinder.  Their baskets were in the Pathfinder.  Isn't the Easter Bunny creative?!

The kids got some of their favorite treats:  beef jerky, Gummy Savers, chocolate Cadbury eggs, and plastic eggs filled with money.
Grandma Joannie surprised the kids with a Victoria's Secret bag for Easter!
Luckily, the secret inside was only candy!  No lingerie for these kids!  Thanks, Grandma J!

Prom and Morp

Creative, Utah prom invitations are fantastically out of this world!  One night a few weeks ago, there was a knock at our front door.  We went to the door and saw a car speeding away.  We then looked at our driveway and saw the outline of a corpse holding a dozen roses and words that read, "I'd die to go to Prom with you."

Ashton, a friend from Draper, invited Cali to his prom.  They went to the arcade with friends, out to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, and then journeyed to the dance.  I have no idea how kids have the energy for these all day/night dates.

Next on the agenda was Morp.  I guess it is the opposite of Prom.  It was a jungle theme this year, so Cali put a bunch of bananas in her date's car with a note that read, "I'll go bananas if you go to Morp with me."  Cali and Melanie took their dates on a hike/picnic and then came back to our house to put on their "animal" shirts.  Cali and her date were tigers and Mel and her date were zebras.  (I'm embarrassed to say, but I had to ask the girls what animals they were supposed to be.)  Fun times!

A new job and two knocks on the head!

Great news!  I was hired to be a 7th grade English teacher for next year.  I can't wait to start writing lesson plans.

Unfortunately, I may have suffered a mild concussion yesterday.  I stopped for a potty break during our 20 mile run Saturday morning beside a tree.  When I stood up, I whacked my head on a large tree branch.  I felt a little loopy but was able to complete the run.

Then last night at 10:30 p.m. while hiding Easter baskets in the back of the Pathfinder, I stood up and whacked my head yet again on the rear hatch.  I think I knocked a couple of screws loose.  Thank goodness it is Spring Break this week.  I need time to grow a new brain for my new job!

Nyah Updates

 Nyah has had a great month.  She got chosen to play in the Winner's Circle for her piano piece, "Polanaise"at Art City Music Academy.
 We went to celebrate at her favorite restaurant in Springville, "Ginger's Cafe." 

 Ny's is growing up right before my eyes.  My baby girl is now as tall as her big sister.
 She decorated a beautiful cake at her Young Women's activity last week.  Uncle Caleb really enjoyed it.

 We joined some friends for dinner at "The Garden" restaurant and attended YW Conference.  Great talks.
 We just happened to find some cool, colorful walls in downtown Salt Lake City for pictures.

Nyah and I got bored at the stoplights.  She tried to teach me to do "kissing" faces for the camera.  She said I was trying too hard.  I guess you aren't REALLY supposed to make a kissing face, but just pretend to.  I never got it right.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Best News Friday

Cali found out some terrific news today!  She was accepted as an Art Major at Utah State!  We are all so excited for her.  Unfortunately, Aaron and I cannot take credit for her artistic talent.  Neither of us can draw a stick figure correctly.  Looking through the gene pool, we think Aunt Megan, Aunt Dabney and Aunt Kristin are to thank . . . Love you, Calz!  We are so proud of you!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Remember These Moments

My sweet, talented brother-in-law, Matthew Reynolds, painted this picture of our house and family as a Christmas gift a few years ago.  If you look closely, you can see our four children building a snowman in the front yard, and Aaron and I standing in the front window watching.  This is how I have felt recently; I stand back and watch as our children grow up right before my eyes.
 Cali participated in a scholarship program called Distinguished Young Women last week.  She played Chopin's "Black Key Etude" for her talent.  She was also interviewed by a panel of five judges, performed an athletic routine, and had to answer a question on-stage in front of the audience about how service has affected her life.  She did beautifully in every aspect of the program.  She won a $500 scholarship for the service she has performed throughout her life.  We are so proud of her!
Our good friend, Lois came to cheer Cali on.
 Carol Sue and David drove all the way from California to see Cali perform.  They are such a great support system!
We celebrated Sunday with a cake from Grandma Joannie (and Cold Stone)!  The cake said it all:  "You rock, Cali!"
Later Sunday afternoon, we headed to the Springville Art Museum where Cali's photograph, "More than Meats the Eye" is now on display for the Utah All-State Art Competition.
When we arrived at Cali's photograph, we saw a small red sticker on it that said, "Sold!"  Wow!  What a great day!

Nyah is also growing up faster than we can believe.  We took her out on a date last night so we could have some two on one time with her.
She ordered the lemon chicken and garlic mashed potatoes at La Jolla Groves.  The restaurant is filled with fake lemon trees and lanterns.  It has wonderful ambience.
 Nyah is such a sweet twelve-year-old.  I need to cherish these moments! 
 I am usually not a fishy person, but I ordered the salmon.  I literally licked my plate clean.  Aaron and Nyah were mortified.
 I said multiple times during our date, "I am having such a great time!"  We need to take more moments like these with our children.  Each of them is changing and growing up so fast.  I need to cherish each and every moment.