Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spanish Fork 1/2 Marathon

Caleb and I ran the Spanish Fork 1/2 together . . . at least mostly together.  He beat me in the end.  It was a tough run.  Lots of flat, lots of uphill . . . and what seemed like very little downhill.  We were breathing heavy from the very beginning.  I finally caught my breath long enough to yell a few obscenities at Mile 7.  At Mile 11, Caleb was still feeling strong and I was gasping for air.  I sputtered, "Go . . . catch . . . that . . . girl!"  So, he did.  I also yelled, "Go, Clydesdale!" because he had entered the Clydesdale division.  I tried to whinny like a horse, but the sound didn't come out.

Caleb ended up coming in 1st place in the Clydesdale division and 10th overall.  I ended up 3rd out of the women and 13th overall.  It was really cool to win a medal.  It would've been even cooler to win cash. :)

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