Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ian is almost a teenager!

What Ian really wanted for his b-day this year was to go golfing with his dad and Uncle Ryan. So, we celebrated his b-day early, on July 28th, while Ryan, Em, and Cousin Brock were in town from California.

There was only 1 problem: July 28th is Grandma Joannie's b-day! Grandma was nice enough to let Ian share! We all (there were 17 of us) went to A Slice of Pizza (a new pizza place in town.) The owners are so nice! They let us use almost all the tables in the joint, gave us free tunes on the Juke Box, and set up all of our pizzas on the buffet table. Ian loved it!

The b-day boy left the party early to head out to the green with Uncle Ryan who gave him a new golf glove for his b-day.

Ian also got a Gameboy Advanced and lots of games off of E-Bay from Grandma Joannie, Grandpa Markie, and his lovely parents. (Some of you may remember that Ian owned a Gameboy and lots of games about 1 1/2 ago. He got tired of it and sold it on E-Bay for some quick cash. We were basically rebuying! What can I say? The boy is fickle like his mom!)

Ian topped off the night with some guitar strumming with his Cousin Brock.

On his REAL b-day, weeks later (August 15th), Ian went to Webelos Woods for an overnighter with his dad up at Scofield.

Some of the manly activities they participated in were:

The famous Stick Pull! Ian prides himself on being able to take anyone down!

BB Gun Shooting. This did not go as well. Ian claimed his gun was "a piece of junk!"

Archery. This camp was basically heaven for Ian. He told me about a week ago that when he grows up he is going to be an outdoorsman, like Indiana Jones. I reminded him that he needs to find a way to make money to support his family as well. His response to that was, "I don't think I'll have kids, and my wife and I can just live in a shack!" I can't wait to see what his wife looks like!


Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

Super Cute... Em and Ryan had so much fun too. I love the pics.

Lohra said...

Don't discourage him from studying archaeology! It worked wonders for me. ;)