Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fabulous Sunday Activity - only to be enjoyed once every 10 years!

Is it legal to have this much fun on Sunday? We drove to the Church Museum in Salt Lake and hung out for the afternoon with the cousins. Before we went into the museum we picnicked on the sidewalk in downtown Salt Lake. We got a few strange looks. Other exciting parts of the day: Cousin Sarah was saved by certain death on the escalator by Uncle Aaron, the kids almost broke the 50 lb. set of Golden Plates on display, and the best part of the day . . . the children dressed up like creepy shepherds in the kids' room. We also watched the Joseph Smith movie for the 3rd time on the big screen at The Visitor's Center which a few of the children felt angry about. We will return to the museum in the year 2019 for another fun-filled day.

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