Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mummies in June?

Don't hate me Earth Lovers and Conservationist Buffs, but we did not recycle this toilet paper!! Aunt Kaylyn and her 4 cuties came to visit back in June. I don't know if the kids were feeling bored or creative, but they decided to dress each other up as mummies. I thought about reusing the t.p., but I just couldn't bring myself to wipe with it after it had been wrapped around the kids' faces. Fun times!

Mummification is an activity enjoyed by all ages (2-11) as can be sign by Ian's mummy costume. He must've been really bored that day!

It's . . . Cousin Bentley!

Ian felt really good about the job he did wrapping up Cousin Riley!

Nyah got a little bit scared by the mummies!

Who is it? Carson!!

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