Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Guitar Lesson

I took my first guitar lesson on Tuesday morning. I've always had dreams of being a rock star, but have no talent in any of the areas necessary -- singing, dressing myself, strumming a guitar -- so I decided I'd start out my lifelong dream with babysteps.

1st step - Learn to play the guitar

I found during my first lesson that my sweaty palms are a hindrance to my new profession. My fingers slipped along the strings, not allowing me to make any pretty notes come out. Also, I seem to have UTPATT Disorder: Unable to pay attention to the teacher. I had to ask her to repeat everything she said about 10 times. Then I would say, "I am so sorry. I promise I'll practice it at home. I think it will get better when I am alone in my padded room plunking it out." I know she thought I was mentally challenged or psychotic.

After our lesson was over she said, "So I'll see you next week?" which interpreted really meant, "Please don't ever come within a mile radius of me again!"

I blame my catastrophic lesson on a number of things:
1. Lack of sleep
2. No schooling in the past 10 years
3. Dropped the guitar on the way into the lesson which took a chip of wood out right where my arm was supposed to rest, and chafed my bicep throughout the lesson
4. Terrible social skills
5. Had never held a guitar in my life up until that moment

Cross your fingers that next week's lesson will go better. Yes, Teacher, I'm coming back!!

What do you mean I'm not holding the guitar correctly? It feels right to me!!


Pat said...

It's almost like you are self-medicating through music therapy... Don't tell your teacher or she may charge you extra!

Lohra said...

Vanessa! I had no idea! All these years I could have been teaching you...for free. Is it because you really don't think I'm any good?

The Heaton's said...

Congrats! That is really cool! Does that mean there will be a performance in the near furture;)?