Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Baby is Six!

Carson turned 6 and I've finally decided to let him go to kindergarten. I thought about waiting one more year, but was worried about him being made fun of if he started school with a mustache.

He asked for some real Legos for his b-day(Santa brought him a fake brand for Christmas.) He got enough Legos to keep him occupied for years. It was a great birthday!

Looking more like his dad every year!

Grandma Joannie and Grandpa Markie were heroes -- REAL LEGOS!!

Nyah spent $25 of her own money on a Build A Bear for Carson. He has always wanted to go to Build A Bear. The funny part is, that Nyah wanted to build the animal herself (that's all the fun!), so she sent Carson to another part of the mall while she put it together. Nyah surprised Carson with the stuffed dog. Boy was Carson surprised! He got a Build A Bear, but he didn't get to Build the Bear!

Cali got Carson a Medieval Creature for his castle.


Pat said...

Hopefully your kids don't actually expect their uncle to remember their Birthday! Birthday season (Mid July-September) and Uncle Caleb is nowhere to be found! Sorry everybody!

Annalyse said...

I can't believe Carson is 6. I remember when you had him. Time has flown by. Your family is so adorable. It looks like you had a great summer. We should get together sometime. I miss you!