Sunday, June 6, 2010

What are YOU Thankful For?

It is usually around Thanksgiving when we start to hear people listing things that they are grateful for in life: family, home, church, books, etc . . . November is just once a year though and we should be grateful all year long, right?! I thought June would be a perfect time to really dig deep and drudge up some things we truly CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT!!

So here it goes, the thing I'm most grateful for -- along with a little unneccessary background information . . .

Yesterday I went on my Saturday run, had to make an emergency pitstop for a potty break, and low and behold, I had started my period. I know . . . another unmentionable, being mentioned by . . . ME!!

What do you do when you are at Mile #5 and have 8 more miles to go? Well, I decided to try a little trick that I learned in junior high -- stuff toilet paper in your underwear until you get home. Let's just say that there is a reason that people wear maxi pads and tampons. Toilet paper is really not very absorbent, and certainly does not stay in one place for very long. Runners behind me probably thought I had some major hygiene issues as I kept rearranging my shorts throughout the run. Awkward!!

I have also been reading a book about women in Biblical times and what they did during their "cycle." I'm not sure how historically correct this is, but THE BOOK says that the women would go into a tent and sit on a bale of hay until their period was over. Can anyone say, "Itchy?!" Thank goodness I thought of the toilet paper and didn't try hay instead!!

So, back to the original question, "What are you thankful for?!" At the top of my list . . .

Good ol' fashioned tampons. Never leave home without them!!

I would love to hear what you are most grateful for!! Embarrassing background information is NOT required!


Trisha said...
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Trisha said...

Can being grateful for this blog count? You're such a nut Vanessa! I laughed out loud!

Right now I'm soooo grateful to have been born and raised in America! I can't wait to go home. I guess this was kind of serious, but right now that's where I'm at.

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Dainon said...

Hmmm.. You so remind me of a show on Nickelodeon several years ago featuring Melissa Joan Hart called "Clarissa tells it all". Clarissa, Vanessa, it's kind of the same.. So today, you have made me very grateful I'm NOT a woman! :)

Melissa said...

I can't even imagine hay! So does that mean they would sit there for a week? At least they could be grateful for getting out of the regular household duties like killing the chicken for dinner. :) I'd have to agree with you on tampons, but right now, I'd also have to add diapers in that category. Can you imagine 2 kids in diapers- Yuck, and I think I wore cloth diapers- my poor mother. :)

Melissa said...

I'm not sure why, but I can't put a comment under the post about Cali.
Congratulations to her!!! She looks absolutely gorgeous! She has such a pretty smile! That is so exciting! She is a girl full of talents!

Vicky said...

this made me laugh in tears!!!
i am so glad that i am not the only one that happens to!
and so true!!!!!
what a brilliant blog thanks for cheering up my day! x

向花 said...

辛苦了!祝你愈來愈好! ........................................

Calee said...

I'm thankful that I don't get killer cramps before a period, though it would be nice to have a warning as you know from your TP run:)
And I'm thankful to have neighbors that let me be a creepster and stalk their blogs!

Heather said...

ok vanessa i am wade most's wife heather and i have been ready your blog in secret for a while. you crack me up on a regular basis and this latest post is no exception. Keep up the good work! are you reading the RED TENT? i read that several years ago and it mentioned the hay business. i would die!

I am thankful summer time with watermelon and less stress of three children in school and various other activities.

Christine Schultz said...

I am grateful for Air Conditioning. Because the big scary "B" come:s out when I'm hot! Not a good thing at all! Actually, come to think of it, it's my family that should be grateful for A/C. lol

aboswell said...

Amen for tampons!!!