Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cali's 9th grade year in 1000 words or less . . .

1st day of work at Seven Peaks!

Soccer champs!

Last day of 9th grade!

Mom's summary of the year:
made 3 goals in one soccer game (checked that one off her bucket list), spring soccer team won the championship, learned to play a whole concerto, 4.0 GPA, made lots of new friends, had first boy/girl party, got her first "real job" at Seven Peaks . . .

What was your funniest memory? "In Seminary the substitute was reading the lesson straight out of the manual and EVERYONE was falling asleep!"

Who were your best friends? "Natalie, Julie, Mackenzie, Melanie, and Milan."

What did you love about your teachers? "Their creative lesson plans."

What will you remember the most about your 9th grade year? "The sub in seminary and all of the friendships I gained."


Reuben said...

All three of those girls are wearing the same sandals. It might be a conspiracy.

I love jordan said...

Beautiful girl