Sunday, June 6, 2010

Carson's Kindergarten Year in 1000 words or less . . .

Mom's summary of Carson's year:
accused of being classroom bully, lost 2 front teeth, loved recess and playing with all of his friends, won "wisdom" award, ate pb & jelly sandwiches everyday after school, played with Sterling, Spencer, or Nick at least once a day after school, was grounded from the computer for being a "bully," kissed up to mom a lot.

What Carson loved about Mrs. Hyer?
She awes givs us hugs wen we breng her prises. (translation: She always gives us hugs when we bring her prizes.)

What Carson will remember most about kindergarten? all my frens (translation: All of my friends.)


Reuben said...

that cookie is as big as his head.

Smart said...