Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Got Back

My sweet husband bought me some new running gear for Mother's Day: shorts, a sports bra, a running shirt, and some new socks. I was so excited to try on my new, fresh smelling workout clothes. First, I tried on the socks. A perfect fit. Next, the sports bra and tank top. They will fit someday if I ever get some augmentation done. Finally, the shorts. I pulled them on. Pow! These shorts were some "booty shorts": the kind that only professional runners should be seen in. You know. The runners that have a Perfect 10 body, 0% body fat, and that have not given birth to children! I am posting a picture of the girl from the cover of Runner's World in some similar shorts. Well, when I put on the shorts, I took one look in the mirror and started laughing. I will never let Aaron see me in these shorts, let alone wear them to a race where all the runners behind me would trip over themselves laughing hysterically.

Guess my "booty shorts" are going back to the store.


Michelle said...

Well, they do look cute......on the table anyways!

Stina said...

If you can't wear them, who can? Perfect 10 body-- 0% body fat, sounds very familiar to me...like you! :) You could always use them as underwear!

Reuben said...

awwww... this post makes me sad. I bet your husband bought them because he knew you'd look great in them. Even if you never wear them outside, you should at least keep them around the house for some sporty role-playing. I guarantee your husband would appreciate it. I'm not even trying to be sporty or funny or anything.. I'm dead serious.

Reuben said...

*snarky. not trying to be snarky...

seriously, though... husbands don't buy their wives clothing unless they really want their wives to wear them. Here's what he's thinking, "Ok, what should I buy for Mother's Day? Hmm.. she's totally into running, so I'll buy some running gear. She runs soooo much. I'm not a big fan of the bowel problems it gives her, but I am a big fan of the rockin' bod it gives her, which I would like to see more of. Ok, I will buy very small shorts so that it will show off her great ASSets. She works hard for it and should show that business off a little bit more than she does."

Vanessa said...

Reuben, how did you know what my husband was thinking? You were right on!
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Ruby Bones said...

I say rock 'em. If that's you with your four kids in the picture below, you DESERVE to wear those shorts. Everywhere and anywhere.

joven said...

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Anonymous said...