Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nyah's 4th grade year in 1000 words or less . . .

Mom's summary of the year:
truly loved by her teacher, switched seats a lot so she could focus, had a bout of "I need glasses", found out she didn't need glasses, chased boys at recess, started dancing, lots of stomach ailments around testing time, packed herself fabulous lunches daily, learned how to be a "bit" more organized . . .

What was your funniest memory? "We had a dirt clod fight. I put a lot of dirt in my jacket. I threw it up in the air and the idrt hit me in the head instead of the boys."

Who were your bestest buds this year? "Ady, Clara, Hillary, Kaitlin."

What do you love about Mrs. Shepherd? "She is really nice and funny."

What will you remember most about your year? "My class hatching eggs and seeing the chicks."

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