Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where was the Windex?

Have you ever seen the commercial for Windex, where the poor birds fly into the window at the back of the house, because the windows are so clean? Well . . .

Saturday night I leaned out the car window to tell one of my neighbors something, but the window wasn't rolled down. Bam! My head slammed straight into the glass. Aaron and the kids were all in the car at the time, so it was even more embarrassing! Aaron just quietly shook his head. "Are you okay?"

What my husband was really asking was, "Vanessa, did you seriously just do that? I'm a little concerned about the welfare of our children being raised by such a dingbat!" The worst part was, the windows were filthy dirty. I can't blame Windex for this one!


Pat said...

Carson probably still loves you...but I could see Ian and Nyah start cancelling your PTA events

Our Family said...

Wow you were busy blogging! I loved reading all your post. :)