Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Carson Cuties

When we pulled up to our house on Sunday after church, Carson saw Grandpa Markie's car parked out front and said in his sweetest voice, "What a nice surprise. Grandpa Markie's here!" He sounded so mature!

Then today, Carson grew up even more. He learned to tie his shoes! Yeah!! I think he really is going to kindergarten in the fall!


Peanut M&Ms said...

Luckily shoe tying is not a requirement for starting school in Texas, or we'd be in big trouble!! lol

henryteachers said...

Yeah Carson! He is so ready to go! The other day Easton thought it was so funny that Carson told him that he was excited to go to K because he could play with him at recess. :) He's always welcome to, but in our backyard. LOL
Way to go on another marathon! You rock!