Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"May" Fools Joke

We really need some more shade in our scorching hot backyard. Our neighbors knew of our predicament, and gave us a really good sized tree to transplant into our backyard last spring. The tree never sprouted any leaves, but I thought it might need a year to adjust to our sandy, clay-like soil. I had high hopes this spring. As the rest of our trees began to flower and then grow leaves, I watched our tall stick to see if any green might emerge. Unfortunately, it remained just a stick.

Sunday, I decided to play a joke on the rest of the family. I grabbed a pair of scissors and some tape and headed out to the backyard. This picture was the result of my masterminded scheme! I heard hysterical laughter coming from the kitchen window a second later. Aaron and Cali had seen me head out to the yard with scissors and tape and thought it was very suspicious. They watched me cut off the leaves from one tree and tape them onto our stick. Chalk another one up on the list of "Vanessa's Great Ideas that Don't Quite Pan Out!"

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Kristin said...

I'm glad to see that when I come back for a visit at least one thing will be the same!