Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Hershey Track Meet

The Hershey Track Meet is held every year for the elementary school kids in our district. It is a chance for the kids to compete in physical challenges against the rest of the kids in the district that are their age.

Tuesday was dedicated to the 3rd graders this year. I got to go down to the high school track and cheer on Nyah as she competed in the softball throw (she doesn't play softball), the standing long jump (she's never done a long jump in her entire life until this past week when she was practicing in the kitchen), and finally, the 50 yard dash. If your child comes in first in the running events he/she has to stick around the rest of the day to compete against all the winners of the other heats for that race. When the gun went off, I secretly prayed she wouldn't win so we could go home and enjoy a relaxing day. It turns out I should've prayed a little less fervently. "Mom, I came in last. 7th out of 7!"

"Well, Nyah. I couldn't really tell who crossed the line when. I'm not positive you came in last. And guess what? Because I didn't video tape it, we'll never know for sure! Did you do your best?"


"Well, that's all that matters. Let's go get an ice cream cone."

Ice cream always soothes the soul.

Well, lucky me. Thursday was the 4th grade Hershey Track Meet that Ian was going to compete in. I couldn't support one child and not the other, so off I went again. Ian was also competing in the softball throw (he does play baseball) and running the 50 yard dash and the 100 yard dash. Now, Ian has never been known for his quickness. He is more of a walker. But . . .

Ian finished the 50 yard dash taking 3rd in his heat. "That's what I do ever year, Mom. 3rd."

That was great! Good for the self-esteem, but we didn't have to stick around for the winner's race.

Then came the 100. I watched as Ian charged down the track in last place. As he crossed the finish line in last place, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "All those other guys that were in my race had really long legs. Let's go home!" A man after my own heart!!


Stina said...

I'm so glad you're back! I've been lonely at the Blogging Addicts meetings. You are such a fun mom! Did you race any of the kids while you helped??

Pat said...

Please tell me you're not letting Ian jump over that hurdle he's posing next to! I'd like to see him turn 12!