Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Soccer is FINALLY over!

We had 3 playing spring soccer this year. What kind of insane parents are we? Aaron coached Cali and Ian’s teams which added to the insanity. We ate lots of toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner, as there wasn’t time for much else.

Nyah won the Mommy Award this year for “Most Improved.” At the beginning of the season, she looked very nervous every time the ball came anywhere near her. By the last game though, she ran the entire game and went after the ball aggressively! We practiced with her one night playing against Cali. We told Nyah to shove Cali around a bit. I think Nyah liked pushing her big sister around, because her aggression came out in the games after that!

Ian wins “The Wall” award. Playing mid-fielder, he doesn’t let anything get past him. He doesn’t have to run a lot (big plus), but when a ball comes towards him, he whacks it. What a champ! Their team actually won the championship for 3rd/4th grade boys. Aaron says it was because they had such an awesome coach! Ha! Ha!

Cali improved by leaps and bounds this season. She played forward all season which she loved! At first, she was too “nice”, but by mid-season she really got in there and took some shots. My favorite play was when she went for a goal, kicked the ball towards the net, got tripped by someone from the other team, flew through the air like Superman, and watched from the air as her ball went in for a score! Very cool!

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Lohra said...

In all the years I played soccer I was never good enough to win anything...or to score. Good job, kids! They also have a lot of potential in dodgeball...just in case you were wondering.