Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sleeping In!

Sunday morning I stayed in bed as long as I could stand it -- till 9 a.m. Now you have to realize that I usually get up at 4 a.m., so I was going stir crazy by then. I hadn't seen a breakfast tray or heard any calls to come up for breakfast, so I thought Mother's Day may have been forgotten.

"Mom, go back downstairs!" the kids shouted.

"No. You can stay up here (please!)," Aaron called. He apologized for the lateness of breakfast, only saying that they'd had a few setbacks. I never found out what the setbacks were!

I had a delicious breakfast: omelets, blueberry muffins, and cinnamon streusel muffins. Yum!! I didn't find any setbacks in my omelet or my muffins.

Cali made me a beautiful blown glass flower at Thanksgiving Point. The other kids made me some cards that contained the most wonderful sentiments.

Ian's card said: "My mom is a teacher. She taught me how to talk!" (Woo! Hoo!) It went on to say, "My mom is a sanitation worker. When she sees my room, she says, "Clean your room!" I sound like an angry mom, don't I?

Nyah's card said: "The best things my mom cooks are inchalatas and muffines." (I love her spelling!)

When we got home from church my dad was in the kitchen cooking up a storm. He made: fried rice, green beans with onions, french bread, "fresh" fruit salad, and he even provided strawberry ice cream for dessert. Aaron barbecued the meat and we were ready to go. I was so impressed with Dad. He cleaned as he cooked. There were literally no dishes for me to do after the fabulous meal!

The funny thing about today is that I got way more sleep than usual, didn't have to cook, got a massage (thanks, Aaron!), but I was still absolutely exhausted. Being treated like a queen sure takes it out of you!

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Stina said...

4AM--you are my inspiration!!!