Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Advent Calendar

My favorite VanVoorhis Christmas tradition that I have carried on is the Advent Calendar. Each night, the Christmas Advent Fairy is supposed to come and leave a note for the kids that tells about a family activity that we will participate in that day. Some nights, the fairy gets tired and forgets to put the slip of paper in the pocket.

There were many mornings this December, when Carson would run in and say, "Mom, the fairy forgot to come!"

"Carson, just go to the bathroom and get ready for school. I bet the fairy is still on her way here."

Miraculously, the fairy always managed to arrive before the kids left for school.

It's hard for the fairy to come up with 24 memorable, fun-filled events, but she tries her best.

This year, some of the activities were:
Go to see Christmas Around the World at BYU with Grandma Joannie!

Make Christmas Cookies. Even Ian helped, although he was scared to touch the chocolate on the Mountain Cookies.

Make Caramel and Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows and pretzels for school teachers.

Go to the Ward Christmas Party. Nyah was Mary this year!

Go to the Christmas Piano Recital. (There were lots of "Boohs" when this one was pulled out of the pocket). Nyah played the "Little Drummer Boy" and Cali played "O' Christmas Tree."

Make a Gingerbread Train. This one did not turn out well. It kept falling apart. The kids ended up eating it and it finally ended up in the trash the same evening.

Go to Ian's Christmas Choir Concert. Ian was forced (by his mother) to join the choir and he ended up loving it! What a hilarious show he put on!!


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