Friday, January 8, 2010

Are We Going Back?!

The next day we decided to take a break from Disneyland and head over to Costco for some free samples. Really?! Can you believe we did that? We were in the Happiest Place on Earth and we went to Costco instead. I think we are a little bit loony.

After our free lunch, I took the kids to see the new "Alvin and the Chipmunks" movie while Aaron and Caleb went to "Sherlock Holmes". On the way into the movie, Ian knocked over another child's box of candy. I spent most of the movie trying to apologize to the mother and hand her some cash for a new box of snacks.

After the show, we headed back towards Disneyland. Cali and I batted our eyes at the boys and asked if we could please head back to the hotel instead. We went for a jog, showered, and relaxed. It was the best!

Monday was our last day at Disneyland. I somehow managed to get in the "Big Kids Group" and rode California Screamin' a couple of times. It was a blast. My legs felt like rubber afterwards. I think I'm definitely getting old!

At about 2 p.m. we headed back to Taft on I-5. We were planning on making it back in time for dinner. I kept complaining to Aaron that I heard a lot of squeaking and thumping noises coming from the back of the car. He claimed I was a loon. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a loud BOOM was followed by lots of scraping noises. I started screaming, "Aaron, stop the car right now! Our luggage rack fell off! All of our luggage is going to be all over I-5. Stop the car!"

Aaron glared at me and said in a very tense voice, "Help me get over to the side of the road!"

It turns out, it wasn't our luggage rack at all, but a blown out tire. Aaron and Caleb spent about an hour putting on our spare tire as semi-truck after semi-truck sped by. I tried to look helpless, but no one stopped to help. I guess they figured 2 grown men were enough to do the job. I ate an entire bag of Kettle Cooked potato chips while they worked. I was not helpful at all.

After Caleb and Aaron got the suspicious looking spare tire installed, I insisted on stopping at the next exit to get a replacement tire before continuing on our journey. By the time we got back to Taft, I was a bit frazzled. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure why I was frazzled at all. I didn't do any of the driving, I didn't do any of the tire changing, I had a full stomach, and I'd taken lots of naps. I'm glad I'm not married to ME!

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henryteachers said...

What crazy car issues you had. So sorry! Looks like your trip was all worth it and glad your car was fixed in time. Such beautiful photos of the Heber clan. And aren't grandparents great for spoiling the kids?