Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Eve - More Excitement!

Some may think that a nap would be a wise choice after all of that picture taking fun, but the Hebers chose a more exciting route -- shooting guns, meal preparations, a b-day party, and lingerie shots.

The men were smart and escaped to the hills for some good ol' fashioned male bonding while the females stayed home with the kids. Ian (one of the lucky ones) got to tag along and shoot Uncle Jason's amazing guns!

Later that afternoon, Ryan brought over 2 turkeys, a couple of chickens, and a pork roast (No. The boys didn't shoot the poultry. It was all purchased at the store)that he had "smoked" in his new pit. It was the best meat ever! Fabulous meal!!

After the meal, we had a talent show: Brock (2 yrs. old) played the guitar and sang "Jingle Bells", Cole recited The Night Before Christmas, Kaylyn brought along a really cool set of chimes that the kids played while singing Christmas carols, and our girls played the piano.

Somehow, we also squeezed Aaron's b-day into the festivities. He got a golf hat from Ryan, a giant container of Jelly Bellies from Kaylyn, a new shaver from his parents, and an overnight trip to Ogden with me to go to iFly Utah (skydiving simulation). Doesn't he look thrilled?!

Finally, Grandma Sue handed out some Christmas pajamas to the entire family (I even got a pair of zebra striped pjs!) All of the boys received pj bottoms and tops except for Ian, who still insists on going shirtless. It looks a little bit creepy in the photo.

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