Monday, December 21, 2009

Secret Pal 2009

Each year, one of our Christmas traditions is to make a HOMEMADE gift for another person in our family. We each put our name in a hat (sometime in October or November), pick out a slip of paper with someone else's name on it, and then SECRETLY make a gift for that person.

Last night we opened our gifts. It is amazing how much time and thought went into each present!

Nyah bought a bear from the Dollar Store and then made a scarf and hat for the bear. She also sewed a pocket onto the front of it to stick candy in. Carson was thrilled! Now he can take the bear and the candy to bed with him!

Carson was Nyah's Secret Pal this year. He tied a fleece blanket for her. It was so fun to watch him pick out the fleece. He settled on material with frogs that says, "Kiss Me!" He is not a very good secret keeper. I heard him tell Nyah, "I'm your Secret Pal", many times throughout the month of December!

I was Ian's Secret Pal this year. I decided to paint/redecorate his bedroom for him. It was really tough to keep it a surprise since he and Carson had to continue sleeping in there, so I gave him some Oreos to open up on the night of the unveiling!

Aaron had Cali this year. He made her a photo book of her year. It was a real tearjerker. He spent a lot of time and thought putting it together. He's such a neat dad!

Cali made me the coolest pair of fleece pajama bottoms. She went over to her friend, Mendy's house to sew them so that I wouldn't see her working on them. They are a perfect fit!

Ian picked Aaron's name this year. I think it is a lot harder for the boys to come up with ideas for each other! Ian gave it his all though. He got on the computer and made his dad a coupon book. They were adorable. Here are a couple examples:

I'll give you a 30 minute backscratch.
I'll get you a Diet Coke. (He means he'll just go to the fridge and grab one for him!)
I'll shovel the sidewalks when it snows.
I'll give you Swedish fish. (we aren't sure where he is going to get these!)
I'll play a computer game with you for 30 minutes. (Aaron thought this one was hilarious, as it is Ian who really wants to play the computer game. Aaron said, "So, Ian, I'm limited to 30 minutes, huh?!" "Oh, no. I'll play a whole game with you, Dad!" What a giving child! Ha! Ha)


Stina said...

What a great idea!!!

Pat said...

wow- what a family of overachievers! has anyone distinguished themselves as the person who no one wants to have as their secret pal? the Van Voorhis men certainly have earned that title in our own version of the Heber tradition.

Pat said...

Can we get a pic of the boys' newly decorated room?

homegirl said...

What a cute idea! I love it!

Lohra said...

Ha! I miss your cute family! Can I cash in on our tentative Sunday dinner plans sometime in January?

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