Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Pictures on Christmas Eve?

Now, we all know that family pictures are stressful. So, what do you get when you try to take family pictures on Christmas Eve? Some great pictures and a great time -- that's what!

Pictures were planned for 10 a.m. The boys got ready before the girls (we need more time for beautification) and went out on the tire swing to entertain themselves. They got into a bit of trouble for that one. Their hair could've been RUINED!

The girls finally got done primping and we headed to The Fort in Taft, California for some picture taking fun!

Uncle Ryan and Brock!

Uncle Ryan, Aunt Em, Brock and Ty!

Uncle Andy, Aunt Kaylyn, Riley, Bentley, Kelsie, and Bradley!

Uncle Jason, Aunt Robin, Heather, Cole, Allie, and Annaka!

Our Family!

The reason for it all: Grandpa David and Grandma Sue!

The ENTIRE family!

All Cousins!

More cousin shots! This one is of Ian and Allie.

The kids started to get a little bit bored, so . . .

they found some things to entertain themselves. Like . . . a dead bird to poke at,

and some thorns which turned them into "unicorns"!

The miracle is, we all still loved each other after the picture taking session was over!


Amy said...

Vanessa those pics are incredible. I love them so much... ya'll are a very handsome crew.

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