Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's up with that smile?!

We spent quite a bit of time waiting in lines during the day, and had a chance to mull over some things that have been bothering us. Over the past couple of years, we’ve been very worried about Ian’s smile. In most pictures, he looks like a pedophile. Cali always pokes him and says, “Ian do a normal smile.” During one of our long waits in line, I finally figured out what is wrong with him. He has an under bite, and can’t smile normally, no matter how hard he tries! I knew there must be a reason for the strangeness! It looks like we’ll need another set of braces. Fortunately, Ian still has all of his baby teeth (he’s only lost 2 teeth so far and he’s 10 years old!), so we won’t have to shell out any dough for a while. Maybe that’s what he’ll get for his 18th birthday . . . a set of braces!

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Our Family said...

Only lost 2 teeth! Wow! Lindsay just lost another tooth tonight. Who knows what number it is but I was just told that if the Tooth Fairy does not come tonight she is going to be mad!