Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cali's Birthday Gift

For her birthday gift this year, we decided to surprise Cali with a trip to New York City to visit her Uncle Caleb. Of course the fun part is . . . I get to go along! I made up some gift certificates for her to open (one was for her plane ticket and another was to see Mama Mia). Fake gift certificates are the best, because they are absolutely free!! I figure if we run out of money to actually pay for the trip, at least it was a fun surprise for Cali to open on her birthday! It was so funny to see the other kids’ reactions to the gifts! Nyah stuck out her lower lip and looked depressed, Carson cried, “Who’s going to take care of us while you’re gone?!” and Ian grumbled, “Cali always gets the good gifts! Last year, an IPod, this year . . .” No one was excited for Cali!!

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