Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beautiful Phoenix, Arizona

Thursday, July 24th -Tuesday, July 29th
I was lucky enough to get away this summer for a “Girls’ Week” with my mom and her best childhood friend, Biehly. It was an almost alien experience packing up ONE suitcase for myself, buying ONE plane ticket, sitting by MYSELF on the airplane without anyone calling my name . . . basically feeling like a girl again instead of a mom. Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is my life, but I guess that’s my point. It was nice to escape life for a few days!
When we got to Biehly’s beautiful home in Phoenix, Arizona, she showed us to our rooms. Yes, we each got our own room!! On my bed was a purse filled with pampering gifts. Unbelievable! We ate delicious meals of gourmet salads, fruits, cheeses, specialty crackers and breads, and I drank all the Diet Pepsi I wanted. We shopped to our heart's content. I slept as late as I wanted, and even took the occasional nap. Yes, I was spoiled!
Since I’m training for the St. George Marathon, I still had to get up early in the morning to run. The sun comes up at 6 a.m. there, so I had to run before the rooster crows. One evening when I was setting out my running clothes, my mom said, “Vanessa, please be careful tomorrow when you run.” I told her I would, and went to bed.
The next morning, I thought about Mom’s warning, and stayed on the busier roads where there was plenty of traffic. I kept my eyes peeled for any suspicious looking characters. While I was crossing a busy intersection, I heard someone coming up beside me. I heard a man’s grouchy voice yell, “Watch out!” I quickly moved over as a man came barreling towards me on an old bike. He was unkempt looking and appeared extremely angry. As he rode passed, I noticed the back of his shirt which read in large, bold letters, “Don’t Mess With Me. I’m Running Out of Places to Hide the Bodies!” Let’s just say, I headed for home after that one!
I got in touch with my high school friend, Jay Syler, and his beautiful wife, Jennifer. They came and picked me up at Biehly’s and we went out for drinks (non-alcoholic, of course!). It was so fun to catch up on their lives. We ended up getting kicked out of the restaurant (Because the restaurant was closing! Why, what were you thinking?!) My how time flies!! I can’t believe it’s been 16 years since graduation. It feels like yesterday, except for delivering 4 babies, the whole going to college thing, soccer games, PTA meetings . . . Okay, I guess it doesn’t feel like yesterday!

Mom celebrated her birthday while we were in Phoenix. It was fabulous. A full day of shopping and eating. What could be better than that?! I posted the picture of the three of us enjoying cupcakes and the most fantastic restaurant. I must go back!
I would be remiss if I were to skip over our day at Ruthie’s house. She is one of Biehly’s dearest friends. We were invited to her home for dinner and got to shop in her closets. Mom and I each went home with 2 boxes of clothes and shoes! It was fantastic. I also had a Rum and Coke while I was there. Well, let me explain. I had been drinking a Diet Pepsi in a red Dixie cup and left it on the counter. When I came back to sip on it some more, I took a swallow and then yelled, “Okay, who spiked my drink?!” Once we got all the sordid details figured out, I realized that my Diet Pepsi had been disposed of and I was drinking someone else’s Rum and Coke!! The sip went to my head and I was drunk the rest of the day. Ha! Ha!
I missed my kids terribly, but I’d certainly do this trip again. In fact, I think I will make it a yearly – perhaps, bi-yearly tradition (does that mean twice a year, because that’s what I meant!).

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khubble said...

Sounds like u guys had a super fun and busy summer. Sorry we missed u guys!I think we r coming up to visit soon, Just Josh & I! U guys all look great!