Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ian's Birthday

August 15, 2008

I’m working backwards because I haven’t written in my journal since before all the traveling this summer! Ian had to celebrate his 10th birthday a week early because his Aunt Kristin had her Rehearsal Dinner the day of his actual birthday. Ian was fine with the whole thing, because the Rehearsal Dinner was at The Spaghetti Factory, one of his favorite restaurants.

Ian requested seafood for his birthday. He got a shrimp platter, since I’m not good at cooking fish! He also had pork loin and some other side dishes to make it a real meal. His dessert of choice – plain cupcakes with no frosting. He still isn’t a dessert guy! His presents – some cool Adidas tennis shoes (I bought them 3 sizes too big so they’ll last for a few years!), and a gift certificate to go golfing and rent a golf cart. I went along for the golfing adventure. Ian drove the cart. Let’s just say, I know now why the age for getting a driver’s license isn’t 10 years old!

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Lohra said...

At first I thought Kristin was giving Ian bunny ears. I was actually surprised to find out it was Nyah...