Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Solution to Telemarketers

Ian answered the phone tonight.  A telemarketer was on the other end.  This is how the conversation went:

Ian:  Hello.
Tele:  Is this the Hebers?
Ian:  Yea.
Tele:  Can I give you a short survey?
Ian:  Sure!  (anything to talk to a girl!)
Tele:  Do you have any allergies in the house.
Ian:  Uh . . . yea.
Tele:  Are they dust, pollen, hair, or all of the above?
Ian:  Uh . . . pollen.
Tele:  Do you have a vacuum in your house?
Ian:  We don't have vaccines in our house.
Tele:  You don't have a vacuum in your house?
Ian:  Oh . . . a vacuum.  Yeah, we have a vacuum.
Tele:  How old is it?
Ian:  1 month.
Tele:  The next questions are demographic.
Ian:  Why are you asking me Democratic questions?  Is this about tonight's political debate?  Uh, I'm just a kid.
Tele:  What age bracket are you in?  20, 30, 40, or 50?
Ian:  You should talk to my mom.
Me:  (from the kitchen)  I'm busy!!  I can't talk.
Ian:  She can't talk right now.  Dad, can you talk?
Aaron:  (from the bedroom)  No!  Tell her we aren't interested.
Ian:  They can't talk right now.  We aren't interested.
Tele:  We only have a few more questions left.
Ian:  Really.  We aren't interested.
Tele:  Please, sir.  This would really help me a lot!
Ian:  No, thank you.


I think that I will have Ian answer the phone from now on.  He will gain some much needed listening and speaking skills and Aaron and I will escape the telemarketers!