Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reality is Stranger than Fiction

     Nine months ago . . . I repeat . . . nine months ago . . . Marisa, Jill, and I planned a dream trip to New York to run the New York City Marathon.  We all qualified for the race.  I knew I may never qualify again, so it had to be this year . . . November 4, 2012.
     We saved up money.  We bought our plane tickets.  We made a huge downpayment on an apartment.  We bought tickets to Broadway shows.  We bought tickets to see the Empire State Building.  We reserved tickets for the 9/11 Memorial.  We made lists, and lists, and lists of things to pack.  We had dreams of items to buy in the illegal shops in Chinatown.  I made lists, and lists, and lists for Grandma Sue and Grandpa David, who would be taking care of our children while we were gone.  I asked off of work.  I made plans for carpools.  I  . . . NEVER SAW HURRICANE SANDY COMING!!
     Last night, we listened to the news about Hurricane Sandy.  We viewed the horrible devastation to those living in New Jersey and New York City.  I was so thankful that we were safe and snug in Utah. I watched the reporters standing in knee high water.  I saw electricity going out.  I began to be concerned that our well-laid plans to visit New York City may be halted by the storm.
   What I didn't realize last night, was that the ONE AND ONLY (as far as I know) building in New York City to lose its facade (facade or façade (/fəˈsɑːd/) is generally one exterior side of a building, usually, but not always, the front. The word comes from the French language, literally meaning "frontage" or "face") was OUR APARTMENT BUILDING.  Did you read that?  The only building to be defaced (literally) was the building WE were supposed to be staying in.
     Now, I don't have any proof.  The property owner hasn't called to say anything about the wreckage.  But if you look at the photos closely . . . (Marisa, Jill, and I have all looked VERY closely, MANY TIMES) you can see a striking resemblance between the photos from the website that we rented the apartment from, and the photos with the missing walls from the news.
     What are the chances?  Are we just unlucky?  Are we not supposed to go on this trip?  Will it be nice to sleep in a bed with a nice, strong breeze at night?  I suppose we could run to Home Depot and buy miles of painter's plastic to cover up our missing bedroom wall or maybe if I call Mayor Bloomberg he will expedite the rebuilding of the wall by Friday afternoon.

     Back to reality . . . our families are safe, our houses are still standing, and our basements are not filled with water.  We are very lucky.  But seriously . . . what are the chances?  My reality really IS stranger than fiction.


Jenn said...

Wow, that stinks! Hopefully, everything works out for you guys and you can get a refund.

Inspiration Station said...

OH, my goodness Vanessa! I was wondering if you would be able to go on your trip after watching the news last night. Are they even having the marathon amid the chaos? I'm so sorry!

The Everyday Housewife said...

Thanks, girls! I'm still not sure about whether the marathon is happening or not. We shall see. I'm sure, if nothing else, there will be interesting stories to tell.

Reuben Collins said...

Sounds like you dodged a bullet.

Kristin said...

Vanessa, just glad that you weren't there when it hit. Hopefully you'll get a full refund. What are the odds?

P.s. Last night on the news they said that the marathon was still on and that they were starting limited service at two of the airports.