Sunday, October 14, 2012

Never Normal

You know we talk about breastfeeding a little too much in our family when you hear conversations like this around the dinner table.  Keep in mind, that the conversation started out completely innocent on my end!

Me:  I just found out that _____________ is going to go to Nursing School.
Aaron:  That is great!
Carson:  I didn't know ______________ is pregnant.  When is she having a baby?
Aaron:  Mom said she's going to Nursing School.  She's not having a baby.  What makes you think that?
Carson:  Well, she's going to "nursing" school . . .

It took us all a couple of seconds to catch on to Carson's train of thought.  Having a baby=go to nursing school . . .

All of us:  Oh, Carson!  Not that kind of Nursing School!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!

The next 10 minutes were spent reenacting the class activities that go on at "nursing" school:

Aaron:  Ok, students.  This is how it's done.  Get your blankets out and cover yourselves up modestly.
Ian:  That would be so funny if the teacher was a boy, and had to show the girls how to nurse!
Aaron:  Yep.  He'd have to strap on a fake . . .
Carson:  Ha, ha, ha.  Ha, ha, ha.  Ha, ha, ha!

There is NEVER a normal conversation at the Heber house!

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Inspiration Station said...

Oh my gosh! I about died reading this, so funny Carson!