Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sweet Water Horses

We surprised the kids with a big adventure on Thursday . . . horseback riding! None of them have ever been trail riding before. They have all sat on a horse, but the horses have all been attached to a turning wheel that goes around in a circle. We drove about 12 miles out of San Diego to find the horse corrals. After signing our lives away, we were each assigned a horse for the afternoon:
Caleb (Tank - the big, wild beast)
Aaron (Chip - the out-of-control hungry horse that had to be reigned in constantly)
Vanessa (Native - supposedly tough to control, but of course, caused me not an ounce of trouble! He knew who was in the driver's seat! ha! ha!)
Cali (Amigo - the naughty little brother type horse whom we later found out likes to roll in the sand, with riders on his back! Luckily, he chose to gallop through the sand instead of rolling in it during Cali's ride!)
Ian (Spirit - the most well-behaved horse out of the entire group! Ian was a lucky boy!)
Nyah (The General - out of control, galloping maniac. Nyah had to be taken back to the corral after a few minutes to be given a much nicer horse named "Pawnee!" Thank goodness Nyah wasn't thrown off The General!)
Carson (Penny - the only female horse of the bunch. Very nice. Very well-behaved. They should get more girl horses!)
We had a blast! We were told we'd have some saddle sores the next day, but none of us ended up with the John Wayne walk! Definitely the best part of the whole trip!

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