Thursday, January 5, 2012

Point Loma Tide Pools

A tide pool is the best place to find creepy sea life to poke at . . . therefore, it is my boys' favorite place in the world to visit at the beach. Luckily for them, San Diego has the coolest tide pools around. The Point Loma Tide Pools. They were filled with icky, squishy sea anemones that squirt water at you when you stick your finger inside.

We took lots of pictures with Nyah and Cali's new bangs!

The boys wanted to stay for hours exploring the rocks and sea life.

Tide pools are a free way to spend an entire afternoon . . . at least until the tide comes in!

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Reuben Collins said...

The older one passed on her preference for hipster glasses to the younger one. She is influencing the rest of the kids. Imagine your youngest in flannel and skinny jeans and ask yourself if that is a future you really want. You may want to consider military school for the oldest - they will snap it out of her.