Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Morning

I woke up early Christmas morning and went for a quick run with Caleb to check out the beach.

When I got home the kids and I headed off to the beach.

We found an unexpected adventure. A man from "The Islands" was on the boardwalk teaching people how to make flowers out of palm fronds. We stuck around for about an hour to learn a new talent.

The trip to San Diego WAS the kids' Christmas present. But . . . we still had stocking stuffers from Santa and presents from Grandma Sue and Grandpa David to open Christmas morning.

The wooden floors in the rental home were slippery. Caleb fell down the stairs on Christmas Eve. He was lucky not to hurt himself seriously! Here is a picture of him reenacting the fall on Christmas Day!

We all got ready for the day, took a picture in front of the house we stayed in, and headed out!

We stopped off for Aaron's b-day brunch at a nice restaurant on the boardwalk.

Our next stop was a pier that had a Christmas tree at the end of it.

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A cup of tea said...

What a fabulous trip/Christmas. Thanks for sharing.