Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I did not get a single picture of the family around the dinner table at Thanksgiving this year. So sad! I did get a picture of the food though!

We skipped the traditional ham and turkey this year. Aaron smoked tri tip and chicken instead. It was FABULOUS!! We also had homemade mashed potatoes (secret ingredient: buttermilk), asparagus, homemade rolls, Ruth's Chris Sweet Potatoes, stuffed mushrooms (This recipe will not be kept! They were terrible!), and pumpkin pie and apple harvest bars for dessert! Mom also made me gluten-free homemade puddings (vanilla and chocolate) topped with pomegranate seeds, roasted almonds, and homemade whipping cream. Yummy!
We snapped this picture of our little family before the Thanksgiving meal so we could remember what we looked like before eating 10,000+ calories!

We played Catch Phrase with the family later that evening. Sooo many laughs! I love it that Aaron is so competitive, even when he is playing with a 2nd grader.

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