Friday, December 2, 2011

Sadie's 2011

Sadie's Dance: Girls' Choice! Girls Pay! Girls buy shirts for selves and dates. Girls pay for dinner. Girls pay for pre-dance activity. Girls better have jobs!

Cali decided to ask Sam to Sadie's. She got candles to stick all over his yard and made a cute sign: "You'd make my wish come true if you went to Sadie's with me!"

A couple of hours later, some KoolAid Jammers showed up on our doorstep. It was the response. "I think it'd be 'Kool' to go to Sadie's with you!"

Utah is a very "special" place. Utah has very "special" traditions! I don't think there is another place on earth where girls/guys don't just call each other on the phone (or text) to say, "Hey, do you want to go to the dance with me?!" Why does everything have to be soooo CREATIVE here?!

Since we DO live in Utah, and must fit in with the CREATIVITY, so as not to be shunned by others . . . Cali asked creatively, got answered creatively, bought sweatshirts, spray painted them creatively, paid for Pre-Dance Bowling, paid for dinner at Wingers (not so creative), and paid for the dance. I heard something about the couples getting "married" at the dance. That's creative too. I have nooo idea what that whole marriage thing was about. I didn't ask.

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Dainon said...

Ok, being a homegrown 80's popculture product, I will take a crack solving the mystery for you! In the early twentieth century, mutual leaders taught boys how to dance at combined mutual activities. In the twenties, "unworthy" poplular dances entered the picture like the Charleston which the Brethren determined to be improper. In the fifties it was the twist, the sixties the wild pony, etc. The seventies were ruined by evil John Travolta dancing, so we had a couple of generations of Utah boys that didn't know how to dance. So they would instead show up at your house in a 70's custom van and take your daughter to go "make out". (In the 80's I had to use a station wagon.. Oh the shame!) The school leaders and YW presidencies in the community deemed this practice to be more risky than the dances, so dancing became the lesser of two evils. But the school dances had poor attendence because generations of boys had lost interest. The creative asking became the brainchild of moms and YW leaders that tried to make it a game while at the same time easing the pain of a possible rejection. If you didn't have to ask in person, somehow it made it easier to ask. This concept was made fun of in Napoleon Dynamite when Pedro bakes a cake and door bell ditches the girl while they make their wild getaway on a pedal bike. Girls in Laurels classes all over the state were then taught that they should be gracious and not turn down the boy asking them out. In the 80's girls somehow started to return the favor by making a treat for the boy when they answered. It has evolved into girls trashing your yard, or your car, or your son's room.. so something has gone wrong in the deal, but there you have it as short and as sweet as I could put it. I guess it's helped cut down the teenage birth rate as well, but boys still don't know how to dance. Unfortunately I can't teach them at mutual since I don't know how either, but I can teach them how to "trick out" a station wagon with pinstripes, loud car stereo, etc!