Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 17th

Today's Advent Activity: "Go to Utah Jazz Game!"

The Utah Jazz had a scrimmage that was open to the public (for free)! The team was divided into the blue team vs. the white team. It was fun watching the team members get introduced. Ian and Carson did their best to get on the video cam by dancing WILDLY! We shared a huge bucket of popcorn, a large Sprite, and an order of nachos during the 1st quarter. Then Carson leaned over and said, "I want to leave!" so we did!

On our way out of the arena, Carson started taking off his coat and complaining that his stomach hurt. The next thing I knew, he was throwing up all of the popcorn and nachos into the trashcan. That took great skill. His head was bigger than the hole in the trashcan. My mom and I tried to get the lid off, to get easier access, but no matter what we did, I couldn't get the lid off! Carson just stood there, with perfect aim, puking into the hole. I was laughing so hard from embarrassment that tears were streaming down my face!

We had dropped Cali and her friend off at the Gateway for a date. They had planned on a movie and then a walk to temple square. I called her to tell her plans had changed. We drove to the Gateway to pick them up. As we sat in the car, waiting for them to join us. Carson leaned out the car window and threw up everywhere!

But no. It didn't end there. As we waited in a long line of cars to get onto I-15 South, Carson leaned out the window and threw up 3 more times. Imagine what the cars behind us were thinking! I bet he'll be on YouTube!

On the way home, everyone tried to lean as far away from Carson as possible. Grandma Joannie had an extra red purse that Carson threw into 3 more times. Total throw ups so far: 8 times!

When we got home, Aaron was there. He had just arrived back from a weeklong trip to Hong Kong. Carson promptly ran inside and threw up in the toilet. Welcome home, Sweetie!

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Dainon said...

We missed you at our hipster non-traditional 1 week early double mission farewell christmas program! :) Hopefully you haven't gotten it. Maybe one of the neighbors will give you a can of Lysol for their "neighbor gift"! Poor Aaron, he will probably get it just in time for his b-day/Christmas Day!