Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 10th

Go to see "A Christmas Carol" at SFHS. It was an awesome production! I only heard, "I'm bored" about twenty times from Carson at the very end. Other than that, the kids all enjoyed themselves! No pictures were taken!

Backtrack to the earlier part of the day . . .

We worked at R.C. Willey's hotdog stand again, this time to make money for Cali's choir trip. One man asked for 9 hotdogs without buns wrapped up in paper. I later saw him eating them on a bed of lettuce. No pictures were taken!

Aaron left for Hong Kong earlier that morning. My dad was left to man the grilling of the hotdogs. He needed supervision! The first batch looked like black charcoal sticks. No pictures were taken!

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Melissa said...

Wow, I really wish I could see the picture with the man & the hotdogs on lettuce- then again, maybe not. ;)