Friday, October 1, 2010

Are those age spots?!

I know. This face is not very attractive. But how would you feel if your foot looked like this?!

The foot itself is not cute due to running and heredity, but if you look closely, you will see that it is now covered with what looks like brown age spots. I know I'm 36 years old, but is this possible?
What really happened, is . . . I went to get my first spray tan today. (I've got to run a marathon tomorrow and didn't want to scare everyone with my white legs!) It turns out the machine was dripping. I have splotches over my entire body. My face is still bright white, as I chose not to have too much of the spray paint applied to my head. Can you imagine the disaster that would have been?
Spray tanning is awkward. You stand there in disposable underwear and a "bra" in front of a perfect stranger while she sprays you with brown dye. Normal? I think not. And look what it does to your arm hair!!

For those of you that are part Sasquatch, like myself, be warned!! The spray tan not only dyes your skin brown, but also any hair on top of your skin. Eek!! My arm hair is now darker than ever!!

So, after this catastrophe, why am I smiling?! I just ate a turkey and cheese sandwich on an Everything bagel, 3 delicious sugar cookies from my neighbor, and swigged down a Diet Pepsi. Life is good. Even with age spots!


Memzy said...

Exactly how many marathons are you planning on running in a single year?!!

::making cray sign with my finger on the side of my head::

Memzy said...

Jay Kay! (sorta) I'm totally impressed!

Kaylyn Reed said...

Did they mention that it will probably run off with all the sweat!? I also wanted a perfectly tanned body before I had Bradley. So, imagine the above mentioned with also a huge, pregnant belly. I went into labor the next day, (planned c-secton a few days later.) The horrible tape they hold the IVs in with, when removed, also removed all my "tan." Not to mention the sterilizing scrub down they gave my belly before the surgery. Wow, did all those HUGE white spots looks great! All I could think after I saw what had happened was, "They probably thought I was so dirty!!!"