Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm Finally Done!!

This is what our trip to St. George did to all of us . . .

This is what actually happened to me in St. George over the weekend --

right foot . . .

left foot . . .
Doesn't it look like I had a great time?!
So this is the story . . . The St. George Marathon was the last marathon I had to complete for The Grand Slam 2010(you have to run 4 Utah marathons in a year to earn an extra medal and a shirt. What a sweet deal!).

We had big plans for this marathon. Jeff made Marisa, Donna, and I pace bands and got us some sweet tattoos to make us feel tough. Our goal was 3:25. Would've been a PR for sure. We got up to the starting line at about 5:30 a.m. The race started at 6:45. I hit the wall at Mile 11. Still had 15 miles to go. Saw lots of ambulances drive by. Wanted to hop on one to take me to the finish line. Knew I wouldn't get my coveted Grand Slam medal if I got a ride to the finish. Kept running . . . and WALKING! Took lots of Chocolate Outrage GU. Almost threw up a number of times. Felt blisters forming on my toes. Wanted to curl up and die when I passed a mortuary on the route. Wanted to cry at mile 25.8 when I saw my family. Did cry when I crossed the finish line at 3:43, not because I was sad about my time, but because I was SOOOOO happy to be at the finish line. Drank some Diet Pepsi. Tried to eat some bread. Had to spit it out. Felt like throwing up. Took some pictures with my running buddies. Collapsed on the ground. At long last, the marathon season has come to a close. Boy, was it fun! Boy, am I glad it's over!!

Me barely moving near the end of the marathon route!

Trying to look tough with our marathon tattoos: P.R. or The E.R. During the race, I was definitely thinking the E.R. was a better choice!

I'm sure lots of people got a laugh as they passed me and read my calf: It's only 26.2 miles! This tiger tattoo on our calves was also a reminder of my old alma mater, Washington High School. Go Tigers!

Marisa, Donna, Jeff and I after the race. What an awesome group of running buddies!

It was so hot outside during the race, it even made the onlookers grouchy! Check out Carson's face!!

Here I am with our resident photographer. He's been such a trooper during this process! Thanks for being so supportive, Aaron!

Marisa placed 2nd overall out of ALL THE WOMEN THAT RAN THE GRAND SLAM!! She is AMAZING!! Great job, Marisa!!

After all the sweat and tears, I found out that I got 1st place in my age division in The Grand Slam. Let me tell you . . . the black plastic beehive shaped trophy they gave me made it all worth while! It will have a place of honor in my home. Maybe I'll stick it in my fridge so I can look at it hourly. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


Trisha said...

Great job Vanessa! Congratulations! I love Carson's expression. I laughed out loud. Classic!

Melissa said...

Congratulations!!!! That is amazing! Especially being 1st place! You look beautiful & I am so happy for you!

And, I love that you guys got neon green shirts instead of another blue shirt. :)

Great job! I'm glad it went so well & that you were able to finish with such a great time!

The Heaton's said...

Like I have said are AMAZING! Congrats on 1st place! Enjoy your rest of marathons, since there is only a few month before the year starts all over again! :) Your poor toes!

Inspiration Station said...

So awesome Vanessa! You did it and taking first place, now that is something to be proud of. Way to go!

The Everyday Housewife said...

It was just 1st place in my age division for the Grand Slam. They added all our times together from all 4 marathons and came up with the total. Believe me, I wasn't even in the top 1000 for the St. George Marathon. Thanks for all the congrats. I was excited about the black Beehive.

Christine Schultz said...

Congrats Vanessa! I'm sure you are ready for a little break now. I can't even imagine running 4 marathons in a year. Crazy! You rock!

p.s. funny, the word verification is jogref. lol

bryan said...

Good job Vanessa. That's quite an accomplishment! I really like Nyah's Cheerios shirt.