Thursday, October 14, 2010

Say what?!

Ian gets to go to Youth Conference tomorrow and spend the night up in Heber with the Young Men and Young Women. He is very concerned about the sleeping conditions. The boys are going to be in one tent and the girls in another. Ian likes to sleep in just his underwear at night, and knows the other boys won't allow it. His solution: sleep in a tent with his sister, Cali, who is very used to, and very grossed out by, her "sleeping in his underwear brother."

Unfortunately, Ian's hopes for sleeping in his underwear were dashed on Sunday, when the Bishop warned the kids that under no circumstances are the boys to sneak around the girls' tents. Ian was horrified to hear that he wouldn't be able to sleep in the tent with his sister, who by the way, wouldn't be caught dead sleeping in the same tent with him.

As we were riding in the car today, Ian voiced his concerns about the sleeping conditions: "Hey, mom. Can you believe it? I'm not allowed to sleep with the other sex!"

"Say, what?!"

"Yeah, the Bishop said I can't sleep with the other sex!" Of course my innocent 12 year old was talking about not being able to share a tent with his sister or any of the other young women for that matter.

My thoughts on his comment: "Well, Ian. Not this weekend. But someday, buddy. Someday!"

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Dainon said...

This was good information to have... You know, so when I catch Ian slinking around the girls' tents in his underwear, I don't freak out! ;)